In 2017, PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk was established, formerly known as PT Black Diamond Borneo. Amidst the drive to consistently develop and expand the scope of its business both organically and through acquisitions to cover all aspects for our customers. In 2021, Our mining operations started through our subsidiary company PT Dayak Pembangunan Pratama, which is located in Kurun District, Gunung Mas Regency, Central Kalimantan. We have a total concession area of 4883.17 Ha and recently explored around 1000 Ha. The coal we produce has a sulfur content below 1% with a 5500 GAR (gross air-received) and high AFT (ash fusion temperature) level, which can generally be used by all industries. We believe that the quality of our products can meet the demands of the domestic and global markets. We strive to create a work environment of professionalism, trust and respect that will continue to provide motivation, challenge and professional growth to our staff in order to achieve the company's goal of providing a source of energy for society and the world.

Our Journey


Established as PT Black Diamond Borneo


Acquisition of PT Dayak Membangun Pratama

PT Dayak Membangun Pratama beings its first year of commercial production.

The enterprise changes name to PT Black Diamond Resources


PT Black Diamond Resources officially become listed company in the IDX

Our Vision

To be a prominent Indonesian coal mining and other commodity company group, committed to providing excellent solutions to our customers and sustainable long-term growth in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Mission

  • Promoting safe and sustainable environmental policies as well as supporting beneficial corporate social responsibility activities for the society
  • Becoming a trusted problem solver to our customers’ problems/needs for energy and commodity
  • Optimizing long term stakeholders’ value by achieving top performance across all of our operations
  • Maximizing core competencies by implementing best business practices and fostering company values