Collaboration with SAP through TMS Consulting, PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk Implements Operational Digitization

23 June 2024

1 August 2023 – PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk (IDX: COAL), a Public Listed Company in coal mining sector, through its subsidiary PT Dayak Membangun Pratama (DMP), has successfully executed the digital transformation of its business operations, reaching the Go-Live phase, in collaboration with SAP Indonesia through TMS Consulting as its implementation partner.

The Go-Live Ceremony of the RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation was held on July 18, 2023 and attended by the company's President Director, Donny Janson Manua, and all the Board of Directors of the Company, Edward Manurung, Muhammad Noval Zindann, and Yogi Adrian, as well as the Director of PT DMP, Jeffry Tong. The Go-Live event was also attended by SAP Indonesia Industry Account Executive, Lili Hartono, Chief Operating Officer TMS Consulting, Dery Hananto, and Project Manager TMS Consulting, Susi Haryani.

Black Diamond Resources (BDR) optimistically answered its business challenge by adopting the digital transformation in their mining operations since the business operation was still conducted manually and independently by different parties without integration. This digital business transformation with SAP through the implementation partner of TMS Consulting was seen as a best practice by the BDR for sustainable business, focusing on accuracy, efficiency, and integrated documentation.

BDR selected SAP as its preferred Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for process integration and reporting from each division; this enables each department to be able to access data in a display format.

Susi Haryani, the Project Manager from TMS Consulting, explained that they created a production planning module report that streamlined the unit production recording process, making it more efficient. Additionally, the KPI module report for maintenance planning no longer requires manual input and can be directly accessed from the KPI report. Moreover, the pricing determination solution per pit in the controlling module is now automatically derived from each pit's cost center and production costs.

"As a result, overlapping job descriptions have been solved, and job roles in SAP are defined along with authorizations," she stated.

The collaboration between SAP through TMS Consulting and PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk began in December 2022, followed by Kick-off Ceremony in January 2023, and successfully followed the targeted timeline, which completed Go-Live Ceremony in July 2023.

The collaboration's scope between PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk and TMS Consulting as the implementing partner included the blueprint workshop phase to understand the transaction flows within the company. Then, user testing of SAP implementation was conducted, moving from the blueprint phase to key users responsible for business processes. Finally, SAP implementation testing was carried out with end-users, supported by consultants, and the master data and transactions were migrated before Go-Live.

The President Director of BDR, Donny Janson Manua, was grateful to all parties who supported this cooperation until the Go-Live phase.

"We hope that through this digital transformation, we can achieve goals of optimum growth, in line with our contribution to build a positive business environment for both internal and the entire stakeholders of the company," Manua said.

Andreas Diantoro, Managing Director SAP Indonesia said, "By embracing cloud technology, BDR is unleashing efficiency in its operational processes, and future-proofing its business. Our RISE with SAP offering will aid BDR in achieving seamless integration across divisions, granting departments instant access to crucial data displays. This will help empower BDR to grow optimally, contribute positively to the business, and enrich the lives of all stakeholders involved."

TMS Consulting was chosen as the implementation partner for this digital transformation due to their experience in the mining industry and has a mining package that suits the operational needs of the mining industry.

Chief Operating Officer of TMS Consulting, Dery Hananto, congratulated BDR on its achievement. He stated, "With this Go-Live project, BDR's digital journey begins. Enjoy the journey, Enjoy the transformation!"